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Born in Hong Kong in 1947, Yin Ling Miao has had an extensive exposure in most parts of the world in pursuit of her artistic goals.

Chinese calligraphy and pictorial paintings are usually integrated harmoniously in a finished work and are appreciated by experienced art lovers. Calligraphy strokes are as important as those used to create the picture itself and generally embody a poetic or philosophical concept which forms an essential part of the artistic whole. Yin Ling Miao has developed her own unique style of this art, applying the calligraphic techniques to create vibrantly living sketches of animal life. She executes these so expertly and quickly that to onlookers the sketched animal simply seems to appear suddenly and soundlessly from the wild.

While painting, calligraphy and poetry are in the Chinese artistic tradition termed the Three Perfections. Yin Ling Miao’s many talents have led her into an area of poetry, too. She wrote over 300 poems, prose and short stories. Some of them have been published and many have been subject of calligraphic scrolls. Like her art, her poems are simple, but deep in feelings and spirituality. Yin Ling Miao's varied interests are vividly manifested in her stone and plate lithography as another part of her artistic product.

Her diverse artistic instincts and life experiences are reflected in her service as a counselor and art therapist in an acute crisis facility in San Francisco. With a passion for archeology and anthropology, she participated in the Leon Levy Ashkelon Excavations conducted in Israel by the Semitic Museum of Harvard University.

"This artist is really exceptional. Her art is unique and she deserves to be recognized as someone very special. I am fortunate in that I possess a collection of her drawings, which I consider extraordinary! I hope she receives the assistance which she deserves!" - Alicia de Larrocha, international concert pianist.

"Kitty Miao, a distinguished, sensitive and incredibly talented artist..." Dr. Albert V. Baez, formerly Director of UNESCO Division of Science teaching, and Chairman Emeritus of Commission on Education of the International Union for Conservation of Natural Resources.

"Ying Ling Miao is so keyed to movement", said Johnson "I feel that if I blink, when I open my eyes, the cheetah will be long gone.

(In part 2 of the Acquisition in 1983) Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator in Charge of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts at The Palace of The Legion of Honor, The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Yin Ling Miao, Ph.D.
"Kitty Miao"