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Dr. Kitty Yin Ling Miao is a scholar specialized in ancient Chinese bone and turtle script (sometimes called shell and bone script). She is a poet and an artist renowned for her unique style integrating Chinese calligraphic techniques and pictorial painting to create vibrant living sketches of animal life. She studied at St. Martin's College of Art and Greeniich University.

Born in Hong Kong in 1947 and now a resident of San Francisco, Dr. Miao has traveled to many countries around the world in pursuit of her artistic goals.

Chinese calligraphy and pictorial painting are usually integrated harmoniously in a finished work and are appreciated by experienced art lovers. Calligraphy strokes are as important as those used to create the picture itself, and generally embody a poetic or philosophical concept which forms an essential part of the artistic whole. Yin Ling Miao has developed her own unique style of thisi art, applying the calligraphic techniques to create vibrantly living sketches of animal life. She executes these so expertly and quickly that to onlookers the sketched animal simply seems to appear suddenly and soundlessly from the wild.

Her diverse artistic instincts and life experiences have been channeled into her service as a counselor and an art therapist in an acute crisis facility in San Francisco. She has a passion for archaelogy and anthropology, and participated in the Leon Levy Ashkelon Excavations conducted in Israel by the Semitic Museum of Harvard University.

American artist Stanley Walter Galli has said of Kitty Yin Ling Miao:
"Like a brain surgeon, the hand of the artist had to be trained to be rock-solid and to follow the dictates of the mind unswervingly. However, unlike the brain surgeon, she had to develop a mind that invented new paths that a simple stroke of the brush would follow. That brush stroke had to characterize the image in the simplest terms possible and to be instanty recogniizable. It is a difficult art that often demands that fifty drawings [or more] are thrown away before arriving at a satisfactory result. Further, that brush stroke or strokes would be designed to have a variation of tonality that occupies the space in a highly esthetic way. More can be said about this rare talent but suffice it to say that the artist has been required to spend years of intense developement that really never ends."

1947 Born in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong
1963 Studied at the Institute of Art, Lincolnshire, England
1964-67 B.A., St. Martin's College of Art, London, England
1968 Graduated Studies, St. Martin's College of Art, London, England
1979-86 Intense study of Chinese calligraphy from ancient to moderm scripts
1987-89 Bilingual counselor, Courtland House (Progress Foundation — Innovative Mental Health Services), San Francsico
1993-97 M.A. and Ph.D., Greenich University, Hilo, Hawaii
1994 Asian Staff Hiring Consultant, Progress Foundation, San Francisco
1999-2001 Consultant in Art, Aesthetics and Archaeology, Culture Regeneration Research Society, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Projects & Exhibits:  
1981 Solo exhibition, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
1981 Feature television presentation, KPIX Evening News
1982 Work Cheetah acquired for permanent collection of Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (The Foundation houses paintings by such artist as G�nter Grass, William Wiley,
Joan Mir�, Morris Graves and Pablo Picasso, and as well as older works by Rembrandt, D�rer, Van Gogh and other masters.)
1983 Work Cheetah included in exhibition, "Recent Acquisitions of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Part II (1940 - Present)," California Palace of Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
1983 Feature television presentation, CBS Evening Magazine
1984 Work entitled Saint Francis of Assisi acquired by the Ecological Center, Assisi, Italy
1984 Solo exhibition at Cultural Center, Assisi, Italy
1985-90 Represented by:
The Curwen Gallery, London, England
Gallerie d'Art au Viieux Villeneuve, Switzerland
Landell Galleries, Carmel, California
1990-93 Represented by Espacio Gallery, Larkspur, California
1991-94 Semi-permanent exhibition at Saybrook Institute, San Francisco
1993-94 Represented by:
Galerie H�l�ne de Senneville, Gran Baie, Mauritius
1993 Limited edition, #9 of 15, stone lithograph Moonlight Sonata, acquired by Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State University
1995 Research and illustrations commissioned for forthcoming children's book entitled The Dragon and the Star (based on the story of the Jews in China) by Michael Pollak
1996 United Nations International Women's Art Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco
1996 One woman show, Berkeley Plaza Art Gallery, Oakland, California
1996 Work acquired for permannent exhibition, Conference Room of Berkeley Plaza Art Gallery (Exotic Jews in Remote Places by Ken Blady), publication in conjunction with the Jerusalem Museum and the Judah Magnes Museum of Berkeley, California
1997-2004 During this period, most art projects were put on hold, while Dr. Miao recovered from serious injuries sustained in multiple car accidents.
1997 Calligraphic cariatures commissioned for The Blind Deer Hunter and Other Tales of South Africa (on South African mythology) by Cecil Hershler
1997 Limited Edition, #1 of 25, stone lithograph Amazing Grace, acquired by Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
1997 Work, mixed media Colours of the Heart, acquired by The Cat Cabinet, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1997 Multicultural Art Exhibition, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
1998 Work entitled Chinese Jews Crossing the Gobi Dessert, 1800, published on back cover of Cultural China journal, Cultural Regeneration Research Society, December 1998
1999 Works (including the poem "What Is Music?" and the lithograph Symphony) published in the Chinese-language book The Children Sing Along With Me by Diana Lee
2003 Two poems ("Where Do You Find a Poem?" and "I know How to Laugh Wildly") and Bison painting published in Of the Heart, San Francisco, California: Marin Brain Injury Network, The Larkspur Center, 2003 edition
2005 Collaboration with Keith Howell on children's book, Brush of the Cat
2005 Collaboration with Orlando de Melo on Exotic Jewelry Design (including ancient coins, pearls, gold/silver beads and precious gems)
2005-06 Collaboration with Robert W. Lebling on the text of art book "Mystic Brush 'An Artist Visualizes Exotic Jewish Communities of the Past'"
2011 Part of Group Show, Marin Fencing Academy. San Rafael,California.
2009-2015 "Cat(Sleepy Sweetheart)" "Lion", "Turtle,""Monkeys" and "Devil fish" paintings(Slides and website) in "Art Slam", part of permanent collection of de Young Museum. San Francisco.
2015 Brush of the Cat is released in collaboration with Keith Knighton Howell; a limited edition, hardbound book containing select art and Calligraphy pieces by Kitty... to learn more, contact Kitty Miao at
2016-2017 One person show (Mostly Originals) at Marin Fencing Academy in San Rafael, CA - Sponsored by owner: Tom Tully.